sábado, 10 de agosto de 2013

Todos los caminos están cerrados (Capítulo 9)

Contenidos del noveno programa de Todos los caminos están cerrados:

Carlos Pérez Cruz y Francesca Borri (Foto: Juan Pelegrín)

Interview with Italian journalist Francesca Borri (1980). Francesca holds a MA in International Relations, a MA in Human Rights, a BA in Philosophy of Law. While she was working as human rights officer, she published two books, on Kosovo and on Israel/Palestine. She turned to journalism when she realized that power players were more upset by what she was writing than by what she was doing as a jurist. She is currently covering the war in Syria. This interview was recorded in Ramallah (Palestine) on July, 25th 2013. Borri wrote a very intense and polemic article in the 'Columbia Jornalism Review' called "Woman´s work" where she reflected about her experience in the Syrian war as a freelance journalist and as a woman.

During the interview we listen to music suggested by Francesca Borri: Frédéric Chopin, Keith Jarrett, Radiohead and Le Trio Joubran.

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